We knew the quest to restore the Warwick Knight would be an epic battle of vision, skill and craftsmanship and we were raring to triumph. We were thrilled to welcome George Clarke and the Channel 4 Amazing Spaces series on our mission, but we will never forget George’s face on meeting the Warwick for the first time, a curious mix of shock and amusement!

The roof was caved in, the floor inside and outside covered in debris, the algae-green on the aluminium exterior a hideous first introduction to the film crew. We had warned the team it was dilapidated, but perhaps we were being too kind.

But all this was no fear to George. Straight up on the roof we went, ripping the dishevelled roof off in great fistfuls. Just the kind of help we needed!

We discussed with George our vision for the Warwick Knight. A touring caravan, or static? If we toured it, we wouldn’t be able to recreate that impressive roof garden. If we kept it static, it would need to be somewhere incredibly beautiful.

With our very own orchard overlooking gorgeous Gloucestershire countryside we had the perfect spot. And that would allow us to create a luxurious rooftop retreat that would restore the Warwick to its full 1950 splendour. The decision was made.

And so to work.