Have you ever slept in a gypsy caravan, under its canvas top with the stars peeking out at your feet?

We had many times.  Pulled along with a gentle clip clop through honey-coloured Cotswold villages by our mare, the aptly named Gorgeous we pitched up on verges, were welcomed into farmer’s fields for a night and cooked dinner on an open fire under endless night skies. What deep sleeps we had!

Roald Dahl summarises this timeless trip wonderfully;

“I really loved living in that gypsy caravan. I loved it especially in the evenings when I was tucked up in my bunk and my father was telling me stories. The paraffin lamp was turned low and I could see lumps of wood glowing red-hot in the old stove and wonderful it was to be lying there snug and warm in my bunk in that little room.” 

Roald Dahl

That boyhood magic we gave to our two sons bringing our little adventurers with us on these escapades. But as they grew, the gypsy caravan became smaller. So under the night sky, Rich and I hatched a new dream.