Gutting the old carcass of the caravan seemed to take forever. The Warwick had a twin wall cavity studded everywhere with rusty old screws. Each one had to be taken out individually, a job which took Rich into the small hours of the night on many occasions.

Rich spent a month painstakingly fabricating a new roof for the Warwick Knight. The work was detailed, intricate and long. It had to be just so, or we’d have to start from scratch. We felt the pressure. And so did the Amazing Spaces team and they joined us for this nerve-wracking moment. Would it fit? Could the 70 year-old structure bear the weight?

With crane in place, we watched the roof lower with trepidation. It made it! Our first major engineering triumph a success.

With the roof on top, it was time for a clean. But no dashing through the car wash for the Warwick Knight. It took weeks of painstakingly slow cleaning work to reveal the bright silver Coventry Steel armoury of the Knight. Every tiny groove, curve and corner was brushed clean, the windows slowly rid of their grime and sealed with 150 meters of rubber sealant to waterproof the machine. If the Warwick is Knight, then Rich was definitely King!

As we stepped back, cleaning finally complete, the Warwick Knight of our vision was starting to appear.